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Cabuya is the gateway to the wonderful Cabo Blanco Reserve. This small community borders the principal entrance to the park and offers a wealth of natural sites to discover. Nestled along the jungle-fringed coast with a backdrop of mountains, Cabuya is great base for hiking, beachcombing and bird watching and all those nature lovers looking for a place off the beaten track.

Another place not to be missed is the Rio Lajas, which you cross as you enter the village. Its shady banks are ideal for bird watching, where kingfishers, herons, toucans and even roseate spoon bills can be seen. Upstream there are refreshing swimming holes and natural Jacuzzis to cool you down on the hottest of days.

At high tide the swimming is safe off the Cabuya shore and there are some stretches of sandy beach. Low tide exposes dramatic rock formations and tide pools. About 2kms north of Rio Lajas there is pleasant sandy Los Cedros beach which is popular with surfers.

Cabuya is the only village in Costa Rica to have the town cemetery located on an otherwise uninhabited island. Cabuya Island is connected to the mainland by a wide stony trail which is completely submerged at high tide. It´s rocky Shores offer great snorkeling.

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