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Above Montezuma, there's Delicias
Going south to Cabuya from Montezuma and crossing the bridge over the Montezuma River, you'll find the footpath to the waterfall on the right, opposite the Amor de Mar hotel. A few yards further on from the hotel is a right turn on the paved road leading up the hill to Delicias. Heading up this hill, you'll find the Butterfly Gardens and the starting point of the Canopy Tour. In the soft hills of Delicias there are a few hotels, some with pool, some without …. and in many cases with breathtaking views. Here you wake up to the sound of birdsong, howler monkeys and other sounds of nature.

In the south, Delicias almost connects with Cabuya and in the Northwest with Cóbano, so it covers an extensive area. Delicias has always been an independent village with its own parish hall, school and corner shop and development increases year on year.
There is already a suprising amount of housing scattered throughout the hills of this hinterland, and currently, two large condominium projects are being built here. So slowly but surely tourism is spreading, even to hidden Delicias.

At the end of December, the first Aristotle will take place here – during one month, there will be events, workshops, classes and much more.

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