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Basic rules for the sowing of grass
Very good: during the waxing moon in Leo.

Good: during the waxing moon and in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

Unfavorable: during the waning moon.

Very unfavorable: during the waning moon and in the light signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

If you wish to sow grass you should choose the right moment regarding the phases of the moon.  

Choose the right moment: This way, the grass will be more robust and more resistant. Slight irrigation is sufficient. In most cases, a second sowing will be unnecessary.

Specific advice for the sowing of grass: sow the grass seed of your choice on the humus, rake it and roll slightly. Do not allow the soil to dry until the seeds sprout. Later, you should only irrigate during Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces and never in the blazing sun. Further on, it will only be necessary to irrigate during the hottest months. It is much better to allow the grass to burn during the dry season than to irrigate it continuously with precious drinking water. This will only weaken the grass – and yourself due to the waste of water. In general, the care and the cutting of the grass will be more successful during the days of major growth of leaves (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) as the grass will regrow rapidly and become more dense.  

Basic rules for the cutting of grass
Cutting of grass to achieve a more rapid growth:  
Very good: during the waxing moon in Cancer and Scorpio.
Cutting of grass to achieve a dense growth:  
Very good: during the waning moon in Cancer and Scorpio

Specific advice for the cutting of grass: You must not cut grass sown in Leo as the grass could dry up. It is preferable to leave the grass longer when cutting it and to cut it in the morning or in the evening.  

And what should you do with the hay? You have probably noticed that cut grass reacts in different ways. Sometimes it disappears into the ground completely within a short period of time while on other occasions it forms ugly balls of grass with a tendency to rot which at best are dispersed by the wind.     

The solution to the problem: During the waning moon you may leave the cut grass as it will slowly disintegrate into the soil as a fertilizer. However, during the waxing moon, you will have to collect it with a rake: the soil does not absorb the cut grass and it may ferment and rot. Spread it around a tree in a circle (not too high) or on grassless areas in order to protect them from drying up. Furthermore, the cut grass is very appropriate for the mulching of other plants.  

Sowing and planting

In general, the main part of the work in the garden and in the field starts at the beginning of the rainy season with the digging over and the sowing and planting. The exact date of these works is very important for the growing and the ripening process of the plants and their resistance against  weeds and parasites. The future will force us to apply the rules of the right moment as one day we will have to stop using industrial pesticides and fertilizers. So why not make the first steps voluntarily?

During the waning moon the saps tend to move towards the roots, the soil is receptive and  inhales; however, during the waxing moon, the saps go up and growth over ground and exhalation predominate.   

Basic rules for sowing and planting according to the phases of the moon

·        The plants and vegetables with growth over ground should be sown or planted during the waxing moon or alternatively during the waning moon.  

·        This rule does not include lettuce and other types of greens which have the tendency to bolt. In this case a good time for sowing is during the waning moon and during the days of major growth of leaves (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Foliation is stimulated and the plants develop good heads.  

·        The vegetables that grow underground grow well if sowing takes place during the waxing moon. If this is not possible the other alternative consists in choosing a different date during the waning moon.  

·        For flowers and the majority of medicinal plants, the favorable day for flowering plants is suitable – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius during the waxing moon.  

Once you have understood the basics of these principles it will no longer be difficult to elaborate an annual gardening plan. Naturally, due to reasons of time and climate it is not always possible to hit the right day. However, making sure that not all influences have negative effects is easy – nature almost always leaves sufficient time. Apart from the phases of the moon, in the vegetable kingdom the different forces of the waxing and the waning moon play an important role and can be used in many different ways – often as an alternative when it is raining at the most favorable moment of time for a specific job in the garden and in the field. An important period for many planting jobs is the period of approximately thirteen days when the moon is descending. Please keep in mind that the descending moon does not have anything to do with the waning moon. However, if you take a close look at the calendar in ZOOM, you will notice that the two rhythms overlap and influence each other.

As mentioned before: there are various possibilities and alternatives for everything. The calendar with the phases of the moon is a big help but it is no tie which obliges to act.

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