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The marvelous Nim tree Print E-mail

This magnificent tree contains substances in its leaves, stem, fruit and seeds which may be used for medical purposes, as organic pesticides, for constructions and even for curing domestic animals.

las manchas

It is important to point out that its wood is of excellent quality, resistant to humidity, wood worm and termites. The wood can be used for the elaboration of girders, furniture and it may even be used for building bridges.

Furthermore, from this tree an organic pesticide can be produced which is very effective for the plaque control of different plants without causing environmental damage or contaminating its fruit. Likewise, from the extract of its leaves and seeds an insecticide may be elaborated as these contain substances which keep away the insects. This insecticide alters the organs of the insects which can make them loose their appetite, cause sterilization and even death. Besides, some plants have a systemic effect which means that the plants, when absorbing said substances through their roots, will no longer be affected by sucking insects.

On the other hand, as a natural medicine it is used to fight viruses, heal ulcers and protect the liver, Furthermore, it is used to cure domestic animals, to get rid of flees, lice, intestinal parasites and even scabies.

You can find this valuable tree at the “La Concordia” nursery in Santa Fé de Cóbano, from 10 am until 12 noon.
For more information call 8881-6576

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