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 More and more during recent years, people have been using extracts from medicinal plants in a reaction to the often dangerous potency and un- foreseeable side-effects of the toxic chemicals contained in prescription medicines.

This is a popular attempt substitute harsh and expensive chemicals with healthier and naturally occurring remedies that have been used before, often since very ancient times. Established medical authorities, supported by "Big Pharma", (the large globalized drug companies) often tend to deny or deride the effectiveness of plant extracts, and in many parts of the world, these alternative methods of treatment are controversial and seldom reimbursed by the local health insurance scheme.

A small list of plants and trees found in our region

Papaya: contains enzymes that cure skin lesions. External use: burns, cuts, rashes, etc. Internal use: ulcers.

 Aloe vera: contains a refreshing gel that soothes burns (especially sunburns), and heals lesions, rashes, etc. Promotes healthy skin. As a drink, the gel aids digestion.

Zarza: the best blood purifier and detoxifier. Increases energy and stamina.

Ginger root: used in a wide spectrum of home remedies. For a cough: pour a cup of boiling water over a spoonful of grated ginger. Steep 10 minutes, then strain. Add to the extract, the juice of a lemon or sour Mandarin orange, then add honey. Sip slowly as a tea.

Garlic: several cloves of garlic eaten daily to prevent insect bites. Recent scientific studies have discovered that garlic has an adverse effect on cancer. The healing properties of garlic are amazingly diverse. Regular consumption helps maintain overall health. Holy basil: (mint basil) – spiritual protection, longevity. Highly revered by India's Buddhists. Madero Negro: the best natural external insecticide. Crush leaves, then steep. Use the infusium as a bath (for people, dogs, horses, etc.)

Lemongrass: respiratory tract.

Carao: very high on iron, & natural Viagra.

Pepinillo: blood tonic and detoxifyer. Tilo (lindenflower): soothes nervous system. Prickly Pear Cactus: conditions hair and skin. OTHERS: Avocado Leaves, Guarumo, Castaño Breadfruit Leaves, Hombre Grande, Sourcane, Rosemary, Parsley, Sugarcane ...

For more information about native medicinal plants, contact Mary at Rainsong by email.

We offer identification walks for those interested in learning more about medicinals.

Mary Lynn Perry at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary, www.rainsongsanctuary.com email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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