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Natural Treatments and Care for your Hair Print E-mail

How to enhance natural blonde hair: for fair hair, you can wash it with camomille tea or lemon water. Just squeeze 1 lemon in ½ litre of water. Leave the camomille or lemon water on, and go out into the sun or into the ocean. The acid from the lemon will not harm your hair, rather it will rebalance the pH.

To smooth your hair after washing, make a mask of 1 avocado mixed with 1 tsp. olive oil. This can be left on overnight for amazingly smooth hair.

For curly black hair mix ½ tsp. olive oil with ½ tsp. fish oil, and work into the hair from the tips upwards. To reduce the fishy smell, you can add jasmine or lavender oil into the mixture. Afterward, rinse your hair with lemongrass tea or lemon water to rebalance the pH, and to smooth the hair surface.

Cutting your hair according to the moon cycles can improve growth, thickness, or can slow the thinning of hair. (Find the moon cycle signs in the ZOOM calendar!)

Leo is ideal for men who are losing their hair.

Virgo is ideal for women with thinning hair.

For both men and women, Leo and Virgo help

the hair grow faster, stronger and shinier.

Avoid cutting your hair in Capricorn, as it will

become gray very early, and will not grow.

However, it is perfect to go for a waxing during Capricorn.

For children, if they contract lice, mix 10 drops each lavender and citronella oil in ½ litre of water, and rub into the hair.


Provided by Vivian Nowack, hair styl(ART)ist, available by appointment at 8888-5241, for haircuts, weddings, commercial and film styling. English, Spanish, French, German, Luxembourgish spoken.

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