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So you want to learn the art of surfing? Print E-mail

 Great!! Here are Actions suggestions to make your surfing experience the Best it can be.
The number one most important thing is safety. Always keep it safe because, as in any sport doing things wrong and in the wrong place can get you or someone else seriously injured. Therefore I suggest a surf lesson with a qualified instructor.

 Now, while you are out there here are a few things to keep in mind for your surf adventure: Always follow the 7 Cardinal Rulz of Surfing, use the proper equipment, and practice good techniques your result will be the time of your life!

E he’ enalu me ka ho’ihi (Surf with respect)

Who: You should definitely seek professional lessons no matter if it is from one of the great local surf shops in the area, an all inclusive surf school, or from another source like Tropicolas or the Mal Pais Surf Camp who offers professional instructors to guest or by appointment. What: Surfing is not only a way of life; it is an art, expression, release, and all around Rippin good time!!

Where: The best place to learn to surf is playa Carmen. Playa Carmen is blessed with not only perfect exposure for swell so that there is always a wave to surf. It is a long flat beach witch creates, more often than not a slower mushy wave that is Ideal for beginners. For the more advanced surfer looking for a more challenging wave, Santa Teresa has got what you are looking for. Like Playa Carmen there is always a wave. The set up however is a bit different with a steep approach which causes the waves to break with more force creating much more challenging surf.

When: The best answer for when to go surfing is…..when the least amount of people are present and when the conditions are favorable for a beginner. Your instructor should be able to tell you when the best tides, and times are for your ability level.

Why: why try surfing……why not??!! It’s not one of the fastest growing sports in the world for nothing. Set your self apart and make the most of your vacation!! Learn to surf and learn about an alternative healthy lifestyle that is 100s of years old…..Don’t believe me? Go down to the beach look around and what you will find is; tan in shape bodies with smiling faces!!! Get some!!

How: The best way going about getting set up to learn to surf is to walk around and visit with the local surf shops and find out who you feel most comfortable with, besides it’s a good excuse for seeing the town and doing a little shopping. Use your guide (ZOOM Mag.) for local numbers and call around to set up times that they are available and what suits your needs. Phone cards in the local supers are only500c..

The 7 Cardinal rulz:

  1.  The person closest to the breaking part of the wave has priority and right of way. Exception: If someone is up and riding, getting onto the wave behind that person does not give you right of way. In other words, the first person on a wave has priority and right of way.
  2. The person farthest out or waiting longest has priority and right of way. Exception: If someone is consistently paddling out to the farthest spot and catching wave after wave while others wait, that is called wave-hogging and the persons' priority is revoked.
  3. When conditions are fairly low-key, the first person who paddles for a wave or calls for it has priority and right of way. Do not expect this to apply in crowded conditions.
  4. Do not drop in. Dropping in is taking off on a wave in front of someone who is already up and riding it. (If you are a thoroughly competent surfer, you may be able to take off on a SECTIONING wave when there is someone already on it, but only if that person is a great distance behind you, you are 100% certain that the person will not be able to make the section, and you will in no way interfere with the flow of that surfer's ride. When there is any doubt, DON'T DROP IN.)
  5. When caught inside, if you need to get past a wave that someone is riding, always paddle behind them on the white water side. Yes, you will probably get stuffed for the sake of someone else's ride, but it is far better to tumble around in white water then to be hit by a board. (Never assume a surfer will sacrifice his ride to avoid hitting you, as some may not care and others may not see you.) Do not paddle in front of someone unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you will be at least 20 feet in front of them.
  6. Do not kick out, bail out, or release your board in a manner that puts other surfers at risk. …………………… ********* DO NOT LET GO OF YOUR BOARD!!! *********
  7. Give respect to gain respect.

Text & Fotos from Dave, Tropic Olas Surf School
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Those girls are just waiting for "The Bolle !!!"
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