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Written by Dr. Theodore N.D. L.E. & Reverend Terri Zacanti C.H.T. II   
ImageThe techniques and programs available at the 03 Institute may assist greatly in the improvement of ones health and the elevation of ones cellular vibrational frequency. As we approach the year 2012, the subtle planetary energies are quickening along with time itself. It is critical that we maintain an elevated internal vibrational frequency. This can be done with deep tissue and cellular cleansing.
We at 03 have several cellular cleansing programs designed to accelerate the cleansing process and increase spiritual vibration, producing more energy, stamina, mental and spiritual clarity. The time is here for us to remember our connection with The Most High Divine Spirit. It is easier to stay spirit identified when one feels comfortable in ones body. When one feels pain or is emotionally uncomfortable in ones body it is difficult to think about anything else, it limits the potential for expanded consciousness.
Any type of imbalance, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual can be improved by the reduction of internal toxic accumulations. These accumulations have their origins in environmental pollutants such as chemically based cleaning products, in the chemically, genetically and hormonally altered food supply.
Also contributing greatly to ones imbalance is the isolation, pressures and stress of our modern-day lifestyles, these create, mental exhaustion, emotional instability and a rupture in our spiritual connection. It has been stated “as above, so below” and ones repetitive negative thought process's can actually change one's internal acid-alkaline balance. When one achieves a state of internal balance one can more easily recognize and correct limiting patterns of thought. We all deserve to experience high levels of health and well being but our commercial culture bombards us with images and messages which do not support us and enhance our abilities to hold light on a physical level. Just imagine what our world would be like if we would “un-plug” and free our selves from the cultural and modern day tribal pressures to “eat and think like everyone else.”
At 03 Institute we can provide education and support on many levels, beginning with the release of internal toxic waste products, nutritional frequency enhancing counseling and mental focusing techniques. We desire to assist you in moving beyond pain and re-connecting with your Divine Center. As always the choice is yours to make. We are here to serve your expansion on many levels.
So what's it going to be? If growth is what you are seeking give us a call at     
the 03 Institute ..... Para Servirle!
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