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Attention - all those kids and grown-ups

who like fun on wheels in the great outdoors!

An exciting, new, ecologically sound and sustainable adventure center for the family will open just outside Cóbano, in December 2010. Adults and children will be able to choose many different sorts of wheels to blaze different trails, get exercise and have a lot of good old plain fun. You'll be able

to ride Enduro type motorbikes along 2 kms. of planned motocross trails without harming the environment, because the motocross bikes are all-electric, thanks to advanced lithium-ion battery technology. There's no exhaust pollutants, no fire risk, no noise, no clutch and no gears to shift. It's just like riding a MTB bike without the exhaustion of the climbs.

Of course, if you want to pedal, you can pedal mountain bikes over the same trails as the E-motorcycles.

If you prefer 4 wheels instead of two and don't want to pedal, you can try the new electric quad provided by EcoRide.


For a new and thrilling activity try your hand (or feet) at mountain boarding on the specially designed downhill trails. The trails are made of hard packed red clay to replicate as closely as possible the feel of gliding over snow – red snow!


All the trails on the 3 Hectare (7,5 acre) property have

been designed so that the many century old trees and the many streams crossing the area are not harmed by the transit of the bikes and erosion is kept at a minimum. Everything is designed with sustainability and a low carbon footprint in mind. For instance, the diesel generator that supplies off-grid power to recharge the motorbike batteries and provides power, runs on used cooking fats and oils from local restaurants. For those guests who are careful about their diet, there is a health food bar.

For those who would like to see more of the area and get

“out of the ruts”, guided tours on the E-motorcycles will

be available.

For local residents, children and adults EcoRide Adventure Park offers a annual membership providing members with attractive discounts to use the trails or rent equipment. That way, people who live in the area and really enjoy this sort

of adventure exercise can start to hang out

in Cóbano this summer and have a lot of fun and exercise with their friends on a daily base, especially on those days when the surf isn't up, or the board is being repaired.

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