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Written by Alize Siegfried, age 11, Montezuma 09   
To live
If life is a dream then death would be to wake up.
To live is to hear, to see,
to be what ever you want to be.
What about death, the same as life ?
The question we want to ask now is:
What is death? Is it heaven, is it hell?
But what if it was to wake in a world of peace
and harmony a world of no war and no conflict.
Imagine the world you wake in, the sparkling trees,
the light blue waters in the distance
and the bright yellow sun.
Imagine just Imagine.
Death is like a dot of paint on a white canvas you wish to remove but never can.
Real Life
Is it real? You never know, but you always
can believe.
What This Means
What this means does not matter, but what you believe and wish matters, so do what you wish and believe what you want, not what others tell you to do.
So dream a good dream and live a good life.  
In memory of
Samantha Sandwith
by Alize Siegfried, age 11, Montezuma 09
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