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Costa Rica Beach Rentals Help You Find Paradise in the Tiny Village of Cabuya Print E-mail
Have you dreamed of swinging in a hammock under palm trees while crystal clear water calmly laps on a beautiful white beach? Not only can you have “your piece of Paradise” but you can have your own private beach rental house in the tiny fishing village of Cabuya in Costa Rica. You’ll be immersed in the sleepy village’s natural settings and overwhelmed by the friendly people who live on the tiny island close to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, nestled between the jungle and fringed by the coast and surrounding hills around your Costa Rica vacation rental.
Las Manchas rescue line Print E-mail

A Great Idea

las manchas Locals know that the rip-tide at Las Manchas beach can be quite dangerous, yet tourists aren´t aware of the danger. However, new signs on the beach explain why it's necessary to keep swimming to your left, because the riptide current pulls you out to the right, and now there is a safety line on the right hand side.

Vacas en San Jose Print E-mail

San José, la capital de Costa Rica una ciudad en medio del caos y la congestión vial está día a día tratando de abrir más espacios para que sus habitantes tengan la posibilidad de interactuar con la ciudad y percibirla de modo diferente. Por ello, la apertura de bulevares le ha permitido a los transeúntes disfrutar de un paseo capitalino libre de vehículos. Cada día es más la preocupación por rescatar el encanto urbano y su interesante vida cultural, esto se vio en los meses pasados cuando caminando por la ciudad me encontré con una exposición maravillosa: puestas en las calles estaban las famosas vacas hechas por artistas nacionales.

Where to go next - Samara Print E-mail
If there's time and you are still up for another trip, we´d like to recommend to go up north and visit Sámara & Nosara
Samara Beach Print E-mail

For those tourists coming from the San José mountain area, I´d like to recommend another trip after visiting the beautiful Southern Nicoya peninsula, if there's time and you are still up to it.

Visit the Peninsula de Nicoya in "Green" Season Print E-mail

0 The "green" season from May to November is one of the best times to visit the Nicoya peninsula, although the rains can be very heavy in October. In mid-November, the trade winds from the northeast, known as the Papagayo, arrive to signal the end of the "winter". Many flowers are in bloom and in the green season the jungle is at it's most lush and vibrant green from May onwards. In the "green" season there are also fewer crowds, lower rates for accomodation, and cooler temperatures than in high season. The beaches are as interesting as always, but with more driftwood as the rains wash interesting rocks, pebbles, trees and branches down the rivers for the beachcombers.

Cabuya Print E-mail

The small village of Cabuya, also known as the gateway to the Caboblanco Reserve, has other attractions apart from the park. There is the unique "Cemetery Island" (Isla de Cabuya) where the local Ticos have buried friends and family for many generations. It can be reached on foot during low tide, but make sure to get back before the tide comes sweeping in, or you'll spend an uncomfortable night.

Visit the Península de Nicoya Print E-mail

Green season from may to november is one of the best times to visit the Nicoya peninsula. All the flowers are in full bloom and the jungles are at their most lush and vibrant green. You will also enjoy fewer crowds, cheaper rates for accomodation and beautiful temperatures that are slightly cooler than in high season. The beaches are of course perfect as ever.

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