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The small village of Cabuya, also known as the gateway to the Caboblanco Reserve, has other attractions apart from the park. There is the unique "Cemetery Island" (Isla de Cabuya) where the local Ticos have buried friends and family for many generations. It can be reached on foot during low tide, but make sure to get back before the tide comes sweeping in, or you'll spend an uncomfortable night.

Cabuya is first and foremost a very original nature experience and although the beach is rather stony in parts, it is perfect for long walks, beach-combing and fishing.

At certain times of the year, when shoals of sardines are running, hundreds of Pelicans can be seen, wheeling in the air and diving for food close to the beach. This is the time to join in with the Ticos, and take advantage of some great surf-fishing. You can also go fishing offshore at any time with the skilled local fishermen in their small boats (pangas), and if you're not the fishing type, you can still buy a variety of fresh fish in the evening from the locals.

For overnight guests, there are four hotels and some campsites in the area, as well as a lot of private homes, some of which can be rented at very reasonable prices. Visitors return year after year to Cabuya, so even the tourists get to know each other.

On Sundays, the River Lajas, on the road to Cabuya, rather resembles the local swimming pool as many people enjoy the fresh, cooling flow of clear water. The river flows directly into the ocean during the rainy season, but after the rains stop, a large lagoon forms at the mouth of the river, and it truly is paradise for people and wildlife alike. Just past Rio Lajas, on the right going toward Cabuya, is a giant "higueron" or Strangler Fig tree, which is worth more than just one picture.

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