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Estudio LOS ALMENDROS, Movement Arts and Sciences Learning about somatic functioning and caring for one’s health

Waking up, a time when awareness gradually comes to us as we yawn, stretch, roll, stimulate our skin, the circulation of all our body parts, and gain a sense of our unity.

What a perfect relaxed time to stimulate movement patterns that support our profound well-being, such as those maintaining the space between the bones so that nerve pinching is prevented.
A somatic education class, through the playing and exploration with balls, bamboo sticks, elastics and other objects, can help anyone - a baby, an accomplished athlete, someone with physical limitations - to refine the capacity to sense oneself in movement and achieve more efficient and satisfactory interactions with the physical, social and inner environments.

Details at 642-0378, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.somaritmoscostarica.com

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