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A Great Idea

las manchas Locals know that the rip-tide at Las Manchas beach can be quite dangerous, yet tourists aren´t aware of the danger. However, new signs on the beach explain why it's necessary to keep swimming to your left, because the riptide current pulls you out to the right, and now there is a safety line on the right hand side.

This even happens to experienced swimmers who have swum off this beach for many years. People like Ivan of Zumatours, who was caught in the riptide and was finally picked up by boat many hundreds of meter north at Las Palmeras. The danger is less now, thanks to Mario Pittaluga, a 43 year old Italian who has worked as a Dive Master in Montezuma for 13 years. Mario has been operating the Las Manchas Cabinas, Restaurant and Dive Club for the last year and has become an unofficial lifeguard for that beach. Not long ago he pulled 8 people in 1 week from the ocean, so he thought a lot on how he could make the beach safer.

Mario's solution was to lay out a long rope with floats, fixed to a buoy in front of the beach, which is itself anchored to a heavy concrete block on the ocean floor. The anchor line is covered by a plastic tube, so it won't be damaged by the nearby rocks. The rescue rope lays on the surface of the water.

Las Manchas beach can be really quiet for an hour or so, with people bathing and paddling in the calm, crystal clear water, and then out of nowhere a set of 3-4 really big waves crashes in. People are pulled off their feet and into deep water. Inexperienced swimmers tend to panic, and some of them have been very fortunate that Mario was nearby. The biggest shock for Mario was when a tourist lady was sunbathing on the beach and her daughter, who was only 8 years old and a non-swimmer, was playing on the beach in shallow water. Suddenly a set of big waves pulled her out, but fortunately Mario saw it, and jumped in behind her. He says he could see her underwater, eyes open and stretching out her arm as far as she could. Mario says if her arm had not been out so far, he couldn´t have grabbed her in time. Three people have drowned off Las Manchas beach in the last fifteen years.

Now, if you get pulled out, use Mario's new rescue line! Swim to the rope, go along the rope to the buoy and hang on. Wait until the ocean calms down, then come in hand over hand along the rope. Stay calm!!
Snorkelers can also use Mario's rescue rope to help them, as the water is very clear here. Snorkel gear can be rented from Las Manchas, also beach chairs. In fact, you can spend all day on beautiful Las Manchas beach, order food, drinks and sometimes even listen to good music.

Just remember: to be really safe, stay on the left side of the beach, and don't go out too far. Make sure you can always feel the sand beneath your feet. Watch out for your children. Be on the lookout for the next big set of waves. If you are pulled out and can't grab the rope, STAY CALM, and swim or float until a boat picks you up. Remember: the current will eventually carry you back to shore.

So thanks to Mario the beach is safer now, but ironically someone tried to sue him. They thought the rope was an illegal fishing line!

las manchas

Zoom siguió cada paso de la instalación de la cuerda de rescate...

  1. Mario amarra un cabo de la cuerda a un árbol.
  2. Prepara el bote y se mete en el agua.
  3. se va mar déntro con su hijo Sasha para dejar el otro extremo de la cuerda amarrada a un ancla en el mar.
  4. Luego amarra unos flotadores a lo largo de la cuerda de rescate.
  5. Y asegura todo con un verdadero nudo marinero.
  6. Mario y Sasha felices por el buen trabajo.
  7. La fotografa de Zoom se refresca en una poza.
  8. El mar de las Manchas aveces parece una piscina aun que puede ser peligrosa.
  9. Gracias a Mario por los rotulos que alertan sobre los peligros de las corrientes marinas.
Ahora pueden estar más seguros en el caso de que sean arrastrados por una corriente, la cuerda estará lista para rescatarlos.

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