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This is a non-profit organization working on returning the species that are in danger of extinction in our region to their natural habitat. With the help of biologists and veterinarians they take care of some animals which are vanishing due to hunters. These are some species that are extinct: Tapir, Quetzal, Spider Monkey, Sloth and some birds from the area.

The Sanctuary comprises of 4 hectares of jungle donated by Mary Lynn Perry and Simón Gomez G. The Facility is under construction.

The organization was founded in March 2004 in Cabuya and subsists thanks to the sponsorship on behalf of organizations and people who make voluntary donations as well as the considerable contribution on behalf of the members of Penjamo Community Wildlife Refuge. This way, they recycle all funds in order to continue with the protection of the animals and the birds under the supervision of MINAE, the Ministry for the Environment and Energy.

They also protect animals that have been mistreated or abandoned and are being assisted by a local vet. The organization receives international students who wish to collaborate with the protection of the species, offers tours and courses for schools so that the children learn to respect and protect the animals and the birds, not just those that are in danger but also all animals that surround us.
Thanks to RAINSONG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY and everyone who collaborates with them.
Thank you for your help and for keeping alive the idea to rescue and protect our animals and nature.

If you find injured or abandoned animals or birds, please call the projects biologist Miguel Guevara Gonzales 642 0921.
Anyone interested in contributing a donation, or volunteering, please call Miguel.

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