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Written by Grupo GUAPOLINDA / BARELY2MUCH   

GUAPOLINDA CD REVIEW: The new release Guapolinda by Grupo Guapolinda / Barely2Much presses the convergence of rock and social commentary to a new high. Yep. For a suggestive classification, the music of Barely2Much is like? remind us of ... what?!

The new release GUAPOLINDA by Grupo GUAPOLINDA / BARELY2MUCH is a roots-style and fearless collaboration that pushes the mold of Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads, and Peter Gabriel. GUAPOLINDA explodes with realism and sensitivity focusing on environmental, social, and political rock music.
The music of Barely2Much comes from one person's experiences with war and environmental degradation. A collection of committed Costa Rican and international musicians breathed life and emotionally-charged sonic fill to this project. The musicians assembled here are inspired and dedicated to the protection and current struggle to preserve the planet.
Animals go extinct. Countries are bombed. Sharks' fins are sliced off their backs. Men challenge other men in wars of testosterone.

Where do we go with this? It all has to be positive, or, hey, lets face it, we'll all just want to hit the surf and leave it at that. SO - read the lyrics of this music (included on the nifty free poster with the CD), move to the songs, get off on the nature noises from the jungle cleverly interwoven between tracks. Grab the CD, pop it in the player, and take a ride. Why not? If you are moved or motivated, than pass it along. Share it. Dupe it. Pirate it. Do whatever you need to do. Get the word out, pass it along. And then, go to the beach?.

Hard-hitting messages (Bushwacker), forceful insights (More Michael Moore), and difficult questions (What Happened to Hippies?) are woven into these clever lyrics backed by the expressive lead voice and dynamic musicians. The environmental, social and political themes in the music of Guapolinda bring action and attention towards affecting change. As the world recklessly turns up and tumbles towards energy and human consumption, now is the time to be proactive and vote with your money. Support the values you believe in. No B.S. Thanks to Delicias artist/sculptor (and Guapolinda carving creator) Jaime Umaña for all his long-time support and caring about Costa Rica and its nature.
CD available on sale: Santa Teresa: Tuanis, Ambar Boutique. Cobano: Libreria Ocasiones (in front of the bus stop) and from Taxi Driver Gilberto Rodriguez.
Montezuma: Cosas del Mundo, Ambar Boutique, Macondo, Yacamares, Libreria Topsy For further information, to contact, or to book the Group, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
And visit www.barely2much.com

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