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The vegetable of the moment??? Yes, yes, yes .... . Yucamote really knocks our socks off. The new stars from Montezuma are on their way to the top. They have only been together for a year, but have already done innumerable gigs and are now setting out to delight the world.

The entire peninsula already knows and sings their songs: Altogether we sing: Es hoy, es hoy, es hoy ... .

Every member of this MUSIC-BAND is great and contributes to a wonderful entirety with his or her particular skill. Fresh, young and incomparable. If you really want to categorize the music the same goes into the direction of Rock-Ska-Pop. Lyrics are in Spanish and in English. With a high potential to land a world-wide hit. There is no doubt that they will soon delight a larger audience.

Recently Yucamote participated in a talent-rock-contest in a round of three concerts, all in San José. They already won the first two rounds and I´ll be surprised if they don´t win the final.

Pizza Maker Song Txt
I was the pizza maker, for 3 days in montezuma town.
I like to make pizza. But I cannot vendertela.
My body pide salsa, y se la voy a dar !!!
No pierdo las esperanzas,
Because I can wait? and I feel all right !!!
I will be the pizza maker again !!!!!
A la vegetarian yo le encajo la banana,
Le doy salsa, le doy queso, le lleno la panza e`hueso.
Con la margherita, no tendre ninguna cita,
No le gusta el peperoni, la salchicha ni la picha !!!

Photos up from the left:
Agustin Jones
vocals, bass and guitar, lyrics
Vero Rey drums
Maximo di Toto guitar
Maurizio Basso bass, guitar and choro

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