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1st Annual Amateur Sea Kayak Competition Print E-mail
Bahía Rica Adventures 2009
19 - 20 September
Sea kayaking is not very common in Costa Rica although the climate and water around here is perfect for the activity. The organizers hope this annual event will contribute to create more awareness and interest in sea kayaking. In addition it will be a boost for the Paquera area. This part of Costa Rica
is especially well suited for sea kayaking. The gulf is scattered with various island,
and provides great scenery and strong currents.
At 10 am on Saturday the 19th of September 09, 7 men and 3 women stood at the starting line
at Playa Nicoyana awaiting the starting whistle.
The calm water and sunny weather had all
the competitors geared up for an exciting race. The current was strong and proved to be a vital factor in determining the winners. The route around Isla Cedros of approximately 8,5 km
took the winner of the men's class 1:05:17
while the winner of the women's used 1:16:16.
The lucky winners each won a cruise to Isla Tortuga sponsored by Calypso Cruises on
the famous catamaran Manta Raya.
The event on Sunday featured five 2 person teams on a relay around Isla Jesusita which
is approximately 3,5 km. The incredibly nice weather held up and the Team Unknown with Tim Ryan (UK) and Jesus Gabriel Loria Leal
(Isla Cedros), paddled themselves to victory ahead of the Godzilla Team of Ruth Mora
(San José) and Ana Cristina Mora (Heredia)
in 51 minutes and 40 seconds. 
First and second place won a guided kayak tour with Bahía Rica Adventures for two persons. At the banquet on Saturday evening the participants had a great time watching video from the days events, and were really exited about the extra prizes that where up for grabs: from caps
and T-shirts to a sportfishing tour and free accommodation at Bahía Rica.
The organizers, Bahía Rica and triathlete Roberto Machado, are happy with the competition and hopes this turns out to be an annual kayak fest in the Paquera area. With participants from four different countries, Germany, UK, USA and Costa Rica the outlook is good. They are starting preparations already now for the next event.
It is planned for September 2010, for more info see www.bahiarica.com.
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