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Don't you LOVE this town?!? So do we! Print E-mail
We are a community organization working to improve the quality of life for all who live and visit this beautiful slice of the tropics.
In all the areas we support – Environmental Protection, Health Care, Security and Education – resources are lacking.
With a voluntary donation of only
$1 a day, you can leave this paradise knowing that YOUR help makes a difference.
Five nights stay = $5 
Ten nights stay = $10 
It's that EASY!
Your contribution will help our village:
to keep the beaches clean
to support medical and emergency services
to maintain a safe environment
to give the children of this town the resources they need
to fulfill their education
Here are some of the successes, ongoing
and future projects we plan to support:
Clean Environment – In addition to coordinating beach clean-ups, this past year we provided environmental education in the local school, with workshops focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling.
Safe Environment – Working with the national police force and the Ministerio de Seguridad Pùblica, we have secured donated materials
to construct a much needed local police station. But more is needed
to help us finish it!
Medical And Emergency Services – Working with the local health clinics and the Cruz Roja, we will strive to ensure that ambulance service is available 24/7.
Educational Resources – Construction of the new high school is underway, but more funds are needed to complete the project! 
Other proposals include a public library and community resource center to encourage multicultural exchanges.
Please visit area hotels for more information on making a donation, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit Friends of Mal Paìs, Santa Teresa and Manzanillo on Facebook.
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