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"Working together towards our children's future"

An innovative non-profit International school project for the entire area

Parents, are you worried about the current or future school situation for your kid(s)? Would you like to have more after-school options available to them? Do you think it's possible to set up a high quality school in the small village you live in? We hope that you'll agree that it's time to focus our energies to create a great school in the heart of the peninsula, in Cóbano, for the children of the entire area.

The idea for an international school with an international accredited degree in the area has already been in the air for a long time. Now a group of parents has developed a concept for a non-profit school project, which covers the demand for a better education with an integrated curriculum of the Costa Rican school ministry and the IBO International Baccalaureat Organization, one of the world`s best school organizations. It would also be a meeting point and social center for kids and teenagers of the entire area with a central facility for sports, workshops and courses of many kinds. Another aspect of this school project would be to interact with the public schools to improve the educational offerings in the region in order to prepare and motivate students to continue school after the obligatory sixth grade and thus encourage a higher educational level in the area.

High quality school? Yes. Elite school? No!

From an economic point of view, a private school of a dimension like the Escuela Futuro Verde does not make sense for the next couple of years, as there still won't be enough students whose parents would be able to pay for such a high quality school, and an ?Elite school? would also contradict the principles of the parents involved in the project.

Therefore at least 30 % of the students will receive grants. A sliding scale for school fees guarantees that the school will be open for all. Our challenge - how to generate the funds? One of the project initiators, Andrea Drost of Tropisphere real estate says, ?It's incredible what an influx of money has come to the area in recent years. My firm belief is that this project can collect the necessary funds to start a school, as well as ongoing fundraising to collect the money for grants?.
National and International Organizations will be approached to receive contributions. Members of the committee already investigated many of these programs. Their conclusion: ?There are several possibilities to receive funds from organizations, but most of them start to support you once the project is already running?.

First steps to be taken: As a part of the concept, a foundation will be set up to receive donations, the project group is searching for 2 hectares of land close to Cobano (hopefully given as a donation), and having the land will be the starting signal for an intense fundraising program.

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