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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a small place, growing rapidly by the minute. Almost daily as you quad through town, you see new signs and construction sites and you think to yourself, "that wasn't there yesterday, was it?"

It is a melting pot of different cultures from all over the world, each trying to bring their scene to tropical beach paradise.
Argentineans, Israelis, Italians, North Americans, Brazilians, Canadians, French, Dutch and so on, all quickly becoming neighbors and business owners in this slice of Costa Rica.
The flavorful population of the town provides a creative and energetic vibe.

For the best pacific sunsets go to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, the famous surfer's paradise, where people from around the world gather to challenge Playa Carmen's heart pounding surf breaks and enjoy the beach and night life. Growing rapidly in the last ten years, it not only attracts surfers but party people (and investors) from around the world. Playa Hermosa, further north is more difficult to get to, and has fewer facilities. And, like the name implies, the beach is breath taking.

Hacienda Okhra
Villa Fleur de Lotus
Canaima Chill House
Casa Marbella
100 m este de Super Ronnie
Santa Teresa / Mal Pais
Cobano Area
Costa Rica
Tel: (+506) 2640 0749 or 8350 35 96
E-mail: contact@casa-marbella.net
Call us via SKYPE: sbubaloni

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