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How to use the South Nicoya classifieds network, online or in person.

The free online listings can be submitted or viewed by anyone using internet

We recommend posting an ad in english and spanish, for maximum exposure.

To view ads, on the classifieds page. just click on the category name.
To place a free ad, which expires after 50 days, sign up as a site user first .
As a registered user, you can then place (or change) your own ads , upload photos as you like.
5 days before the automatic expiration you'll get an email reminder and you can renew it if you like. Please remember to delete the ad when the item is sold.
recreational stuff (0)
tents, kayaks, camping gear, fishing and diving equipment, etc.
bodywork, yoga , health practicioners (0)
hairstyling, health products, chiropractic, natural medicine,
Building materials (0)
lumber, construction materials, windows, etc.
electronics (0)
computers, cameras, TV's, etc
employment, (0)
jobs wanted or offered
Hotels - short term rentals (0)
household goods (0)
furniture, appliances, etc.
houses & spaces for rent , long term (0)
longterm rentals, 1 month minimum please.
Land or Homes for Sale by Owner (0)
musical instruments, CD's, DVD's (0)
People connecting (0)
friendship, romance, activity or travel companions wanted, missed connections....
Pets, farm livestock (0)
cats, dogs, horses, cows, etc.
professional services (0)
carpenters, builders, architects, gardeners, pool cleaners, etc.
ride sharing, car pooling, travel (0)
offering or looking for rides
Tools (0)
Vehicles (0)
cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles,
yard sales, fleamarkets (0)
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