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Control your emotions and change your behaviour Print E-mail
My name is Neill Wight, I was born in Scotland and I have been practicing Chiropractic for over a decade. In the last few years however I have been drawn to a therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is part of energy psychology. This therapy enables a person to detect negative emotional patterns within the bodies energy system and clear them by tapping with two fingers on specific acupuncture points.

This simple easy to learn system allows a person to literally control any negative emotions such as fear, guilt or anger or a combination. This can have dramatic effects on your physical health and your behaviour by lowering your stress.


A patient presents with explosive feelings of anger when confronted with any problem where the situation didn't go his way. This was now happening on a daily basis and had been getting more intense over the last years on moving to Costa Rica.

While tapping on the acupuncture points and focussing on the chest area of the body where he felt the anger the patient was able to remember that as a child his father wouldn't allow him

to have the freedom to do anything which had left feelings of helplessness and an overall loss of control. Now when this patient felt he was losing control the unexpressed anger towards his father was coming up. With only a few hours of EFT this imbalance in emotions was corrected and the patient has much more control of his feeling. He now has the tools to treat himself whenever he feels he is losing control of his emotions in a situation.


A patient presents with strong anxiety feelings in her chest and neck and low back pain. During the session the patient expressed a lot of fear about the future especially in regards to having enough money and specifically to what would happen to her children if she ran out of money. She also stated she was drinking more alcohol and smoking more cigarettes than ever before. Money and financial situations can cause a lot of strong negative feelings.

The mind projects forward to a worse case scenario and a lot of time is then spent worrying about the problem in the hope of finding a solution. After three sessions this lady was able to control her anxiety and express other emotions relating to her divorce and loss of a large amount of money which had been the root cause of fear and worry. Her back pain disappeared and she said her need to drink and smoke had decreased considerably.



A patient presented with a long history of unhappy relationships where she stated that she kept choosing needy men who used her and eventually left her. She didn't say how many but I got the impression it was over 10. After about five sessions of doing EFT she was able to express her deep and over-whelming guilt (her words) at not being able to help her sick brother who had eventually died. This had lead her to seek relationships where she felt she had to help her partner. She now has a much clearer understanding of her emotions and no longer feels responsible

for her brother's illness.

All these patients gave consent for their case to be published.

Over the next year I will be running workshops so that people can learn this technique enabling them to treat themselves and others.

If you would like to ask any questions or want to book an appointment for EFT or Chiropractic please call the Back2Health clinic on Tel. 2640-0085.

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