Visit the Peninsula de Nicoya!

Come and enjoy the green season on the beach!

Many people agree that the green season from May to November is one of the better times to visit the Nicoya peninsula. Even though we can possibly expect more rain this year (because there was not so much rain in the last wet season), we still highly recommend traveling during this period, our personal favorite.

It is much cooler and far less dusty; all the flowers and trees are in full bloom, there are more butterflies and birds, and the jungles are at their most lush and vibrant green. You will also enjoy the fact there are less people, better rates for accommodation, and lower temperatures, day and night, than in the high season, from December through April. The beaches are of course perfect as ever. We wish you a very pleasant stay!


Ven y disfrute de la temporada verde

Venga a disfrutar de la temporada verde! Que no puede ir a la playa en época de lluvia? Le cuento que la lluvia refresca la parte del país en donde hace más calor: las playas! Así que no lo piense dos veces, venga en época de lluvia y disfrute de todo el verde! Verá animales que en verano no salen y disfrutará del encanto y tranquilidad de cada lugar! 

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